1. Annual Online Library Subscription


    Over 100 hours


  2. Cumulative Trauma Disorders


    4 hours


    Presented by: James W. King

    This seminar will feature upper extremity cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs), from early diagnosis and intervention to assessment techniques. Learn More
  3. Basic Tier Online Library Annual Subscription


    84 hours


    Presented by: Paul Mettler, Leonard Matheson, Kevin Wilk, Sandy Burkart, Carole Bernstein Lewis, Neal Pratt, Waleed Al-Oboudi, David Magee, Robert E. Mangine, Shirley Sahrmann, James Porterfield, Carl DeRosa, Beverly Biondi, Anne Moscony, Cornelia von Lersner-Benson, David Butler, Peter Leininger, Jerome Danoff, Jenny McConnell, Leslie Allison, Richard Jackson, James W. King

    This incredible offer allows students a full year of access to the Basic Tier Medical Library at less than 1/5 the price. That's over 20 courses worth over $1500 if sold separately! Learn More

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