Functional Examination & Treatment of the Pelvis

Over the last 25 years, Mark has developed a system of analysis and treatment based on MWM principles that greatly simplifies and clarifies examination and treatment of pelvic dysfunction.

This 2 day program was extensively updated in 2017 and has a new format designed to simplify and enhance the learning experience. By providing an electronic copy of the manual for pre-reading, it has been possible to further expand the “hands on” component of the course. You cannot learn the practical components of this material online!

Why this course?
Many clinicians find current examination and treatment options confusing, often contradictory and not particularly effective. The SIJ and PS may not in themselves be pain generators, but by altering relative flexibility and movement patterns may cause or contribute to many clinical problems including low back pain and hip pain, headaches and orofacial disorders.

Based on the Mulligan Concepts mobilization with movement (MWM), a system of movement analysis and treatment has been developed enabling clinicians to easily identify whether or not the SIJ and PS are contributing to functional or pain problems and to establish and execute an effective, clinically reasoned treatment plan.

The major component of the course is detailed supervised hands on practice of new MWM techniques and pelvic examination techniques that assess function and ease rather than provoke pain.

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