Online Seminars

  1. Annual Online Library Subscription


    Over 100 hours


  2. Mulligan Concept (MCTA) Online Bundle


    12 hours


    Presented by: Brian Folk, Brian Mulligan, David Mikos, Debbie (Gross) Torraca, Don Reordan, Frank Gargano, Julie Paolino, Richard Crowell

    Thousands of professionals worldwide have discovered the benefits of mastering The Mulligan Concept that includes mobilizations with movement (MWMS) and sustained natural apophyseal glides (SNAGS). This subscription provides access to more than 12 hours of instruction delivered using 7 online courses.

    Learn More
  3. Mulligan Concept: Foot, Ankle, & Knee


    2 hours


    Presented by: Brian Mulligan, Julie Paolino

    This course explores in detail the revolutionary Mobilization with Movement (MWM) techniques for treating lateral ankle sprains, as well as foot and knee pain. Learn More

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