Physical Therapy

  1. Basic Tier Online Library Annual Subscription


    84 hours


    Presented by: Paul Mettler, Leonard Matheson, Kevin Wilk, Sandy Burkart, Carole Bernstein Lewis, Neal Pratt, Waleed Al-Oboudi, David Magee, Robert E. Mangine, Shirley Sahrmann, James Porterfield, Carl DeRosa, Beverly Biondi, Anne Moscony, Cornelia von Lersner-Benson, David Butler, Peter Leininger, Jerome Danoff, Jenny McConnell, Leslie Allison, Richard Jackson, James W. King

    This incredible offer allows students a full year of access to the Basic Tier Medical Library at less than 1/5 the price. That's over 20 courses worth over $1500 if sold separately! Learn More
  2. Annual Online Library Subscription


    Over 100 hours


  3. Hand Rehabilitation: Extensor and Flexor Tendons


    4 hours


    Presented by: Anne Moscony, Cornelia von Lersner-Benson

    This seminar is designed to present the clinician with the basics of tendon management following injury. Learn More

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