Trent Nessler

PT, MPT, DPT, Director of Select Medical

Dr. Trent Nessler is a physical therapist with over 17 years of clinical experience in sports medicine and orthopedics. 12 years ago, he felt called to do something about non-contact youth athletic injuries, specifically ACL injuries. This calling was driven by a deep internal passion to use the most current research and technologies available to accurately quantify risk factors and use the information gained to develop programs which drive improvement.

Dr. Nessler has found that improvement of these movements results in reduced injury risk and improved athletic performance. Dr. Nessler is a nationally recognized leader in movement assessment and injury prevention and teaches nationally and internationally on the topic of clinical biomechanical analysis of the athlete. He consults internationally with proven results in both reduction of injury risk and improvement in athletic performance. He is driven by this calling and passion to share with you to help you building your athletes to perform and to building them to Last!

Trent Nessler CV