Free One Hour Course: Intro to Diagnosis & Treatment of the Upper and Lower Quadrant

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Quick Overview

Presented by: Brian Mulligan, Kevin Wilk

Promotional introductory course that presents rehab techniques for the shoulder.


Kevin Wilk and Brian Mulligan teach the most up-to-date evaluation, assessment and treatment techniques for rehabilitation of the shoulder, rotator cuff lesions with non-operative movement and ROM. With more from Brian Mulligan's Mobilization with Movement(MWM) techniques and the shoulder girdle.

Kevin Wilk presents comprehensive rehab programs for non-operative management of patients with Subacromial Impingement using the 3 stages; Stage I- Edema and Hemorrhage, Stage II- Fibrosis and Tendonitis, and Stage III- Bone spurs and Tendon Rupture and the different treatments for each stage of impingement. He also discusses Partial Tear classification, Compressive Cuff disease and PASTA lesions. And ROM exercises for rehabilitation of patients with AC joint injury.    

Brian Mulligan presents his world-renowned Mobilizations With Movement (MWM) techniques in the treatment of the shoulder girdle on volunteer participants at a live seminar, including some with joint dysfunction and gets amazing results. He also demonstrates MWM techniques with and without a belt and other exercises on participants with pain at the AC joint.

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Run Time: 1:00 hour 30 min

Attendee: Physical Therapists, PTA's, Students, Athletic Trainers

Required Equipment: Personal Computer, Tablet, or Smartphone with access to Broadband Internet (<1.4 mbps)

Examination: 20-question test. Passing grade of 70% or higher required for certificate

Course Evaluation: Yes

Certificate of Completion: Yes

Workbook/Handout: Yes

Course Approvals/Certifications: 

  • BOC Approval: Northeast Seminars is recognized by the Board of Certification, Inc. to offer continuing education for Certified Athletic Trainers. This program has been approved for (4) hours of Category A continuing education. BOC Approved Provider Home Study Course: #P498


Kevin Wilk - Shoulder
20 min  Rotator Cuff Lesions- Non-Operative Treatment Pt. 1
12 min  Range of Motion: Shoulder

Brian Mulligan - Shoulder Girdle
25 min  MWM Techniques for the Shoulder Girdle- Pt. 2

Final Test

Certificate of Completion

Course Evaluation

Behavioral Objectives

Kevin Wilk - Shoulder

Rotator Cuff Lesions- Non-Operative Treatment Pt. 1

1.   Choose a comprehensive rehab program for the non-operative management of a patient with Subacromial Impingement using the 3 stages discussed.

2.   Implement 4, ROM exercises of a conservative rehabilitation program for a patient with capsular impingement.

Range of Motion: Shoulder

3.   Explain the definitions of laxity and instability and why these terms are not synonymous in the assessment of a patient's shoulder.

Brian Mulligan - Shoulder Girdle

MWM Techniques for the Shoulder Girdle- Pt. 2

1.   Identify 3, key guidelines that are to be expected of an MWM prior to performing a technique on a patient with a joint dysfunction.

2.   Demonstrate 2 different MWM’s (with or without a belt) in a patient with pain at the AC joint.

Learning Goals

Class Objectives:
Upon completion of this class, you should be able to:

  • List and summarize the principles of rehabilitation
  • Describe rehabilitation techniques for the shoulder
  • Summarize Mobilization with Movement techniques for the shoulder


In this promotional introductory course, Kevin Wilk presents the most up-to-date techniques for the rehabilitation of the shoulder including non-operative treatment for rotator cuff lesions and range of motion exercises.

Brian Mulligan presents his world-renowned Mobilization siwth Movement (MWM) techniques and how they relate to the shoulder.  He demonstrates his MWMs on volunteer participants at a live seminar and gets amazing results.

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Kevin Wilk and Brian Mulligan co-teaching


  1. Kevin Wilk:  Rotator Cuff Lesions - Non-Operative Treatment
  2. Brian Mulligan:  MWM Techniques for the Shoulder Girdle
  3. Kevin Wilk:  Range of Motion - Shoulder

Additional Information

Instructor(s) Brian Mulligan, Kevin Wilk
Platform Online