Wilk PTI Online: Abnormal Foot Mechanics - Impact on Gait

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1 hour

Quick Overview

Presented by: David Nolan

How do foot mechanics impact gait?


Foot abnormalities and pathologies result in altered foot mechanics, which then lead to altered gait patterns. The foot has two goals. First, the foot wants the plantar surface of calcaneus to get to the ground. In order to achieve this, subtalar joint pronation or supination may occur. Second, the foot wants to get all of the metatarsal heads to the ground. In order to achieve, subtalar joint or midtarsal joint pronation or supination may occur.

In this class, David Nolan will review the following:

  • Normal and abnormal foot mechanics
  • Foot compensation
  • Altered foot mechanics and gait that result from common pathologies including subtalar varus, forefoot farus, forefoot valgus, and ankle equinus
  • Effective treatment interventions for common pathologies


Run Time: 1 hour

Instructional Level: Physical Therapists, PTA's, Students, Athletic Trainers


Requirements: Personal Computer, Tablet, or Smartphone with access to Broadband Internet (<1.4 mbps)

Course Evaluation: Yes

Certificate of Completion: Yes

Workbook/Handout: Yes

Course Approvals/Certifications: 


Presentation Agenda

10 min Compensation at the Foot
15 min Subtalar Varus
10 min Forefoot Varus
10 min Forefoot Valgus
10 min Ankle Equinus

Course Evaluation

Certificate of Completion

Learning Goals

Upon successful completion of this webinar, the participants will be able to:

  • Define and identify intrinsic normalcy of the foot
  • Identify the two primary goals of the foot during gait
  • Summarize common foot pathologies that lead to altered gait
  • Develop treatment interventions to restore normal foot mechanics and gait

Behavioral Objectives

Upon completion of the class, the participant will be able to:

  • Define intrinsic normalcy
  • Identify two primary goals of the foot during gait
  • Compare and contrast 4 foot pathologies involved in abnormal foot mechanics resulting in altered gait patterns
  • Identify treatment interventions for these 4 foot pathologies 

Additional Information

Instructor(s) David Nolan
Platform Webcast, Online

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